July 20, 2011

Optimized Nutrition to Achieve Peak Performance for Athletes

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An athlete always wants to be at peak performance levels. The types of food eaten will affect their performance levels. How many fat, overweight athletes, are there? Most athletes will increase their protein levels, while cutting down the carbohydrate amounts they eat. A high protein diet will burn off a body fat as well. A good addition to the athlete nutrition program is a good quality protein powder shake mix. To maintain current body weight, try to take one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. If your goal is to gain muscle and/or body mass, then increase to two grams of protein per pound. Most god quality protein shakes are made from whey protein, which will also include your branched chain amino acids (BCCA’s).

There are a variety of nutritional supplements the athlete can add to their diet. Two primary amino acids are L-arginine and glutamine. Amino acids are critical for converting food into energy in the body. Arginine will also acts as a growth hormone, and you skin, hair, and nails will be much healthier. In men, there may be an increase in testosterone levels, which can enhance their sex life! Always stay well hydrated when in training.

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